The Franchise Broker Academy offers the training and support systems needed to succeed in the very lucrative field of Franchise Brokering

How To Become a Franchise Broker

How To Become A Franchise Broker

When you join us as a franchise broker member, you are provided with a complete training program, a comprehensive database of franchisors who pay referral commissions with detailed specific commission amounts and terms, detailed calling scripts, cut-and-paste email scripts, interactive communications forums, webinars and continuous ongoing support.

We provide you all of the tools and knowledge you need to grow your franchise broker business and take it to the next level.  Join us today and connect with our large network of franchise professionals.


What Is A Franchise Broker?
Franchise Brokers assist franchise buyers find the right franchise, qualify the franchise buyer, and then refer the buyer to a franchise company.
You will be helping people who want to own a franchise but are confused by all of the choices available.


What Do Franchise Brokers Do?

Franchise Brokers advise and guide individuals wanting to buy a franchise. They assist them in making the right decision and help them avoid mistakes, while earning a commission.

You will also save them time and show them opportunities that they wouldn’t even know about!

No Selling Is Involved – It’s somewhat like being an Executive Recruiter or a Real Estate Agent.

  • Franchise company completes the sale on referrals you submit
  • You only need to refer qualified candidates to them
  • You earn commissions of $2,000 to $25,000 or sometime more
  • This is enjoyable and lucrative work!
Are Franchise Brokers Needed?
Absolutely Yes! Franchise companies are always looking  to expand their franchise systems through additional sales and are happy to compensate franchise brokers who locate qualified candidates.
How Are Franchise Brokers Paid?
The commissions are paid directly to you by the franchise companies. You keep 100% of your commission. You are operating your own independent franchise broker consulting business. There are no royalty fees, hidden fees or commission splits.
We provide you the training, tools and a database of franchise companies who will pay you a referral fee for your services.


Why Join Us?
When you join the Franchise Broker Academy network, you are getting the training, tools and negotiated relationships with franchise companies who will pay you a referral fee for your services at an affordable price of just $3,490 for the Initial Training and just $349/year continuing for access to the Franchise Database and backend resources.