The Franchise Broker Academy offers the training and support systems needed to succeed in the very lucrative field of Franchise Brokering

Franchisor Membership Features

Franchisor Membership Features
When you join and list your business with us, you are provided with the opportunity and the tools to directly market your franchise or business opportunity to our franchise broker members.
We help you reach out to our brokers and assist you in marketing yourself to our members via webinars, presentations and our members-only communications portal.

Customizable Business Profile

24/7 access to an easy to use and modify company profile listing page. This profile is used by our member franchise brokers to learn about your company’s offerings.

Here you can share detailed descriptions about your franchise concept, what type of candidates you are seeking and all of the necessary facts and figures to properly pre-qualify your candidates..
The more information you share about your business with our broker members, the better they can understand your business model, and what kind of candidate will best match your company’s needs.


Interactive Franchise Q&A Forums
Participate in our interactive forums. The forums are where our members can share ideas, insights, ask questions and network.
As a franchisor member, the forums are an ideal way to quickly and easily connect with the franchise broker members and share additional company information, not covered in your company profile – such as hosting webinars, inviting franchise brokers to company sponsored events or simply sharing news about current events, awards, accolades, or any special news you would care to share.
On our forums, our brokers and franchisors can openly communicate about important issues, challenges and changing industry trends.


Get updates about upcoming events, conferences, and changes that affect the industry

Host Franchise Broker Only Webinars
Present your franchise concept to our franchise broker audience. Webinars are a highly effective mechanism to share your company’s concept and educate our broker members about the highlights of your business, your candidate workflow process and share what makes your franchise concept unique and how to best present it to franchise buying candidates.
Your webinar presentation is recorded and posted along with your franchisor profile, so that it can be accessed anytime for review by our brokers.
Your webinar presentations not only educate our broker members, but they open up the lines of communication between you and our broker members.

Franchise Resale Listings
Our franchise broker members can also assist your company with your resale opportunities. When our brokers have a candidate that is looking for an existing business, they can instantly see if your franchise has an opportunity matching their criteria.
When listing your resale opportunities, you can specify the location and sales price, previous gross sales figures and other pertinent details.


Let our brokers know how well your company validates and tout your franchisee testimonials.
Examples of other’s success and will help our brokers convey to their candidates the franchisee viewpoint about your opportunity.


Additional Resources
We provide you the capability to share an unlimited amount of promotional materials with our franchise brokers. Alongside your company profile listing, you can upload all of your brochures, marketing handouts and videos you want to share with our broker members. 
Why Join Us?
When you join the Franchise Broker Academy network, you are enabling your franchise concept to quickly and effectively reach out and educate and expose your company brand in a dynamic and collaborative environment.


The Franchise Broker Academy partners with franchisors and business opportunities that are looking to expand their concepts and will pay our member franchise brokers a referral fee/commission for a successful placement.

The Franchise Broker Academy does not charge our franchise broker members a commission or referral fee on their transactions. All commissions and payments are paid directly to the franchise broker who provided you the candidate referral.

If you are interested in getting qualified candidate referrals from our franchise broker members, join us today.

Note: Franchisor Partner members do not get access to the Franchise Broker training materials or the Franchise Database. This is an advertising medium to reach out to our Franchise Broker members.