The Franchise Broker Academy offers the training and support systems needed to succeed in the very lucrative field of Franchise Brokering

Franchise Broker Frequently Asked Questions

What Does My Franchise Broker Academy Membership Provide Me?

When you join as a franchise broker, you are provided with comprehensive training, pre-negotiated franchisor contracts, step-by-step calling scripts, cut-and-paste email scripts, interactive forums, webinars and ongoing support.

We provide everything you need to start or grow your own independent franchise broker business and connect with our large network of franchise professionals.



What Will I Do As A Franchise Broker?
You will be helping people who want to own a franchise but are confused by all of the options available.
You will gather information about their goals for their business ownership, focus them on several franchises that best fot these goals, and then refer them to representatives from each of those franchises, who will provide them with the details they need to make an educate decision.
Your role is to guide them through a systematic method in selecting the right franchise.


How Do I Make Money As A Franchise Broker?

You are paid a referral fee commission, when a candidate you introduce to a franchise company completes a purchase.

You keep 100% of your commission.

The franchise company sells the franchise. You simply introduce your candidate to a franchise representative and advise and guide your candidate through the process of exploration.


How Much Do Franchise Brokers Make?
Commissions range from as low as $2,000 to as high as $25,000 per placement. The average commission is $12,000. The amount you make depends on how much effort and time you spend on your business. 
You keep 100% of your commission. You are operating your own independent franchise broker consulting business. There are no royalties or commission splits.
Does It Cost A Franchise Buyer More Money To Buy Through My Services? 
No. The franchise buyer pays the same price, just as if they had gone directly to the franchise company directly.


Why Do Buyers Use The Services Of A Franchise Broker?
A franchise broker offers buyers one-stop shopping. Your guidance assists the franchise buyer in quickly narrowing down options and eliminating the vast number of choices that just won’t work for them Much like a good real-estate agent, your perspective and in-depth knowledge about the franchise concepts, will allow you to introduce only those franchise concepts that will meet your buyer’s needs. The buyer saves countless hours of research, all at no cost to them!
Do I Need To Have Great Sales Skills? 
No. The best franchise brokers are not always sales people, but instead great listeners who pay attention to details. You do need great organizational and communications skills to match franchise buyers with the right franchises. 
What Does The Training Cover? 
The training covers every topic you need to be a productive and successful franchise broker, covering topics such as:

– Understanding Franchising
– Understanding the Consulting Process
– How to work with Franchisors
– How to work with Candidates
– Client Workflow Process
– Marketing and Lead Generation
– Legal Requirements
and more…

We also provide ongoing guidance and continued support and training after your initial training.

What Other Expenses Will I Incur To Get Started? 
To start your business, you will need a phone, internet, and a computer. You can use what you already have, but you may want to purchase a dedicated
cell phone and computer just for your franchise broker business. You also need to invest in marketing materials to market yourself – so business cards and a website at minimum. Estimate between $500 to $1000.


Why Join Us?
When you join the Franchise Broker Academy network, you are joining a dynamic and collaborative environment of franchise professionals and at an affordable price of just $3,490 for the Initial Training and then just $349 per year.