The Franchise Broker Academy offers the training and support systems needed to succeed in the very lucrative field of Franchise Brokering

Membership Features

Membership Features

Franchise Broker Academy Membership offers you exclusive content, such as tactical step-by-step how-to-guides,  cut-and-paste email scripts, phone scripts, documents, charts, forms, forums and more. 

Franchise Broker Training– Comprehensive coverage on all aspects of starting, running and maintaining a thriving franchise brokerage consulting business.  Covering all aspects such as legal, financials, setting up your business, working with candidates, marketing yourself and more.

Franchise Database– An up-to-date database of numerous franchise opportunities that pay broker commissions. It has detailed descriptions with the facts and figures you need to determine if a franchise concept will be a good fit for your candidates. Here you will research franchises, connect with franchise representatives, conduct territory checks, gather presentation materials and send candidate referrals.

Forms and Documents– A comprehensive library of forms and documents vital to running your franchise brokerage business.

Member Forums– The forums are open discussion areas where you can ask questions, share tips and advice, exchange information about franchises, discuss techniques to better improve your business, or just chat about the industry or upcoming events. 

Business Success Toolkit–  a series of lessons and training sessions on a variety of topics, to aide in the success and growth of your Franchise Brokerage consulting business.

Members Only Blog–  updates on timely topics relevant to the franchise industry and your franchise consulting business.

Events–  announcements about upcoming webinars, seminars or industry events. 

Franchise Broker Resources –  links to a variety of resources that you will find useful in growing your franchise brokerage consulting business.

Setting Up Your Franchise Broker Website –  Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own Franchise Broker Website, so you can generate your own free internet leads.

Business Tools Mastery Video Series – an 8 part video series that will teach you how to increase your business productivity, improve your time management and allow you to easily collaborate with clients.